You’ve found a Bulk Mailing / Mass Mailing Solution that does not charge you for every email that you send and lets you send unlimited email newsletters.

Exclusively for your Newsletters - A product By MUMBAI HOSTING

SPEEDMAIL - Newsletter Server is a simple yet extremely powerful email marketing solution intended for both individuals as well as small and medium businesses.

SPEEDMAIL - Newsletter Server is Pre-Installed with an open source EASY TO USE Mailing List Software for email marketing. You can send massmails to your clients, employees, subscribers, members, students, alumni etc.

Your genuine emails are NEVER Blocked by RBL's (Black Lists).
There is NO LIMIT to the Number of emails you can send and receive.
There is a generous hourly limit on outgoing emails, just to ensure that your emails are not rate-limited by other mail servers.
There is NO 'Per outgoing email' Cost.

Why use a Mailing List Software for Marketing?

There are numerous advantages to using a mailing list software versus any other form of advertisement.
Cost: When compared to other forms of marketing such as direct mail, magazines or printed newsletters, email marketing is less expensive.
Targeting: Save time by organizing your email list to only target specific, potential customers while still enjoying the benefits of having low marketing costs.
Timing: Email marketing campaigns can be created and delivered in a matter of minutes ensuring your materials will still be relevant.
Accessibility: A mass email marketing service allows you to actively get your message out to your potential customers, instead of having to wait for them to visit your site.
Unlike every other Email Marketing Solution, SPEEDMAIL is not based on the amount of e-mails purchased; the price per e-mail is FREE. Know More>>
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