Software and SMTP


To start sending emails from your own bulk mailer PC software it's necessary to enter the SMTP server details of your Newsletter Server that will take care of the email delivery process.
Your SMTP server will have its own dedicated IP which will be provided to you with a specific name

Bulk Mailing Software

Remember that only a private SMTP service can ensure you the highest deliverability, avoiding your legitimate messages to be filtered out by ISPs' antispam shields.

SPEEDMAIL Newsletter Server is Pre-Installed with an open source EASY TO USE Mailing List Software for email marketing. You can send massmails to your clients, employees, subscribers, members, students, alumni etc.

Email Campaigns - Create Email campaigns using the graphical WYSIWYG editor or cut-n-paste your Email campaign from the HTML source directly and Save your Campaigns as a template for future use.

Templating - Save your newsletter as a template for future use.

HTML & Plain Text - emails are properly formatted to include both versions.

Quick Import - Easily Import your database.

Personlization - Dynamically insert custom field data into the email. For example, personalize messages with your subscribers first and last names.

Groups - Create and use groups to filter your list and create Multiple Mailing lists.

Custom Field Data - Use custom fields to store subscriber first and last names, location etc; then use this for creating groups and personalization.

Throttling - Control the speed of your emails to ensure higher delivery.

Pause and Resume Control - Mailings can be paused, resumed, and canceled "live". Resend mails from the Mailing History page.

Freedom - Mailings take place in the background -- you can turn your computer OFF while mails are being sent.

Why use a Mailing List Software for Marketing?

There are numerous advantages to using a mailing list software versus any other form of advertisement.

Cost: When compared to other forms of marketing such as direct mail, magazines or printed newsletters, email marketing is less expensive.

Targeting: Save time by organizing your email list to only target specific, potential customers while still enjoying the benefits of having low marketing costs.

Timing: Email marketing campaigns can be created and delivered in a matter of minutes ensuring your materials will still be relevant.

Accessibility: A mass email marketing service allows you to actively get your message out to your potential customers, instead of having to wait for them to visit your site.

Unlike every other Email Marketing Solution, SpeedMail is not based on the amount of e-mails purchased; the price per e-mail is FREE. Know More>>
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