SPEEDMAIL - Newsletter Server is a Low-Cost Mass-Mail/Bulk-Mail Server configured and secured to exclusively send your newsletter emails.
It includes a Dedicated IP which is mapped to your own domain name and we setup reverse DNS (which ensures that you are the exclusive owner of the Dedicated IP).
SPEEDMAIL - Newsletter Server is pre-installed with Centos OS, cPanel and EXIM Mail Transport Agent to send/receive emails and Squirellmail Webmail Client to enable you to check emails through your browser.
You also get your own SMTP. This means that you can use your own bulk mailing software to send mails through the Newsletter Server.
Finally the best part; SPEEDMAIL - Newsletter Server is Pre-Installed with an open source EASY TO USE Mailing List Software for email marketing. You can send massmails to your clients, employees, subscribers, members, students, alumni etc.
What Are The Benefits?
Your genuine emails are NEVER Blocked by RBL's (Black Lists).
There is NO LIMIT to the Number of emails you can send and receive.
There are NO 'Per outgoing email' or "Per Newsletter Campaign" Charges.
Powered By: Open VZ
cPanel Control Panel to manage email accounts
Reverse DNS mapping to IP Address
Unlimited Email Accounts
Squirrelmail (Online Webmail Access)
Domains Supported - 1
99.9% uptime guarantee

Comparison Table: Shared Email Hosting v/s SPEEDMAIL Newsletter Server

Shared Email Server
SPEEDMAIL Newsletter Server
Dedicated IP
Private SMTP
YES - mail.yourdomainname.com
Reverse DNS
YES - yourdomainname.com
Customers on Server
Multiple - Hundreds
Exclusive - Single customer
Massmail / Bulkmail
Not Allowed
Allowed (spamming is not allowed)
Massmail / Bulkmail Software
Yes, Pre-Installed
IP Whitelisting
Yes. Whitelist your Trusted IP's


3 Months
Rs. 18000/-
6 Months
Rs. 33000/-
1 Year
Rs. 60000/-

SPEEDMAIL Newsletter Server has a one-time setup fee of Rs.3000.

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IMP: The SPEEDMAIL Newsletter Server is provided and managed by Mumbai Hosting, India's leading webhosting company. You will be redirected to the website of Mumbai Hosting http://www.mumbaihosting.com to place the order.

IMP: * There is no per-email sending cost. You can send as many newsletters as you want to your mailing list. To prevent emails from being rate limited or being redirected to Junk Folders by free providers like gmail.com, hotmail.com, yahoo.com etc, we recommend a slow email sending rate between 500 to a maximum of 1000 emails per hour.

Some examples of Clients Using our Newsletter Server:

Leading Educational Institution sends a monthly newsletter to its alumni.

Top Restaurant Chain sends special offers and event updates newsletter to their regular patrons.

Public Limited Company sends newsletters to its vast distributor /dealer network and management staff.

Leading organiser of exhibitions sends regular updates to its participants about their upcoming exhibitions and events.

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Unlike every other Email Marketing Solution, SPEEDMAIL is not based on the amount of e-mails purchased; the price per e-mail is FREE. Know More>>
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